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Web Development

Website Development can help your business grow leaps and pounds with growing power of
The Internet and who better than Griffin International can help you in creating one as we are one of
The best Website Development agency in India.

App Development

More than 90% of the Businesses are moving on Applications because of their popularity and
accessibility. Creating an app for your business would help you reach masses and manifold various
opportunities for your Business.

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ERP Development

ERP Development

Using ERP’s development services improves the overall efficiency of your business. The ERP
system will assist you in eliminating manual procedures, collecting data quickly, and streamlining
business processes inside your organization.

SEO Service

Creating a Website isn’t enough because it requires SEO services to make it rank on search
engines like Google, Bing, etc. With our team of SEO experts, we can help you make your
website rank on Search Engine at your industries favorite keywords.

SEO Service
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Digital Marketing

Modern times require Modern Marketing Solutions and with the growing importance of
Marketing in today’s competitive market, you cannot ignore digital marketing and the benefits
it offers. So, let us help you in growing your business with our digital marketing experts.

Social Media Marketing

Evolving market needs a publicity plan which can reach out the masses. So here we are, to create your
brand awareness through your social media handles to get your revenue generated from the masses.

Social Media Maeketing
Google My Business

Google My Business

Local Businesses covers approximately 49% of the whole world economy and Google provides
a Special Service for them through its Google My Business Platform. You may not know about
It but we do and we can help you make your listing on Google My Business for local market

Google Ad Words

Getting Leads and conversions is now easier than ever with Google Ads

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Business Automation

Google Ads serves the purpose to grow your Business with market friendly targeting options.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the need of the hour, so if you can use AI in your Business, then you can
truly get ahead of your competitors in your industry. Let Griffin International be your growth
Partner when it comes to AI.

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Machine Learning

Our machine learning services provide powerful algorithms to assist businesses in overcoming important
business obstacles, enabling data-driven decision-making, and developing new business models

Channel Optimization

Creating a Channel is easy but optimizing it to get organic views and to increase your engagement will require your channel to get optimized and who better than us, can help your business grow with YouTube Channel.

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Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Video marketing is quickly becoming a must-have component of any digital marketing plan, as a video
can engage and hold your customers’ attention like no other sort of content. Let’s roll your video
content with Griffin International.


Viral marketing is a marketing method wherein users are encouraged to share information about
anything to create a viral effect. Virality helps in creating awareness, increasing visibility, and enables
exponential growth.

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Influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing

Newest & trending form of marketing in the world of Social Media is Influencer Marketing. Influencers
can create an engagement for your Business that no other campaign can. Griffin International can help
you reach those Influencers in just a click.

Bulk SMS & Email

SMS messages still play an important role in modern-day marketing, as they can give the user a sense of
personal touch directly in their inboxes. SMS marketing increases the chances of lead conversions that
too, at a very minimal price.

SMS marketing
Whatsapp Marketing

Whatsapp Marketing

An average person spends 1/3rd of their day’s time on WhatsApp, so there is no need to say, what even a
single WhatsApp Campaign can do for your Business. Target your customers where they spend their
time the most with Griffin International’s WhatsApp Campaign Solutions.